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Bug fixes during judging period?

Just wondering about the rules concerning app bug fixes between the submission date last Friday and the April 1 decision date? I'm assuming someone captured the apps at the submission time so that we can publish bug fix releases to the relevant app stores, if required. If so, I would also assume that the judging would be based upon only the features that were in the apps at the 3/15 submission date (i.e. in case anyone puts in a feature addition along with a bug fix).

If we are not allowed to publish bug fixes to the relevant app stores, we could appear unresponsive to customers for the 2 week judging period and suffer poor reviews in those stores (possibly affecting any other apps we may also offer).

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  • Manager   •   over 9 years ago

    Since it is a stated goal of this Challenge to spur the marketplace of open data-fueled apps, the sponsors of this Challenge cannot reasonably ask Finalists to delay bug fixes. We encourage you to do what you need to in order to serve your customers.

    That said, the Challenge judges will only evaluate what was submitted by the posted deadline for the prize awards. Any meaningful modification in design, scope, function or other relevant characteristic to the officially submitted entry will not be considered.

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